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Plattsburgh-Burlington High-Speed Passenger Rail Service

Let’s build a passenger train service from Plattsburgh to Burlington ( petition)

Let’s run the service using renewable energy. Why settle for a road bridge connecting New York and Vermont? Rail is cheaper, cleaner, quieter, safter, and more efficient than road travel—and it directly increases productivity of its passengers. Let’s build a high-speed passenger rail service, running every 15 to 30 minutes, to bring meaningful positive transit to the Plattsburgh–Burlington region.

Building a passenger rail-line between Burlington and Plattsburgh would grow Plattsburgh’s economy. It would put the city on the map, which could lead to greater connections with other neighboring cities. Imagining the cities of Montreal and Albany suddenly seeing Plattsburgh’s burgeoning economy—and wanting a piece of the Plattsburgh pie. A high-speed passenger rail line connecting Burlington and Plattsburgh could open the door to increased connections with other large (possibly larger) cities.

High-speed rail would also get you from Plattsburgh to Burlington faster than a car, faster than a bus, faster than an airplane (especially airplane, as it takes a long time to fly due to security concerns at airports).

Trains allow for a huge amount of productivity gain! Every hour spent driving a car is an hour lost in productivity. Even car passengers lose productivity as riding in a car is a stop-and-go active experience. On a train, those who would be passengers in the car, are able to be more productive as it is easier to tune out the experience of moving.

The average American household spends $10,000 per year on automobile-related costs! What a huge waste. Why waste this time? We as humans have the choice as to where we put our money—why not put it toward something beneficial?

Trains are the safest way to travel—safer than both planes and cars. On the other hand, cars are an incredibly dangerous mode of travel. In the United States alone, there are approximately 50,000 auto-related death on an annual basis! That is huge! In fact, it is more than all of the deaths of soldiers in the United States since 9/11. (That is, every year more people die in accidents than in all of the soldiers who have died in wars since 9/11.) In addition, there are hundreds of thousands to millions of auto-related injuries which occur on an annual basis—again, in the US alone. Many of the injuries are lifelong and forever alter a person’s life experience—for the worse. And that is just in the US alone. All over the world, auto un-safety persists. Why be a promoter of this culture? Why be leading the world on a path of transit destruction? Why not make a choice to instead lead the world in a direction that is meaningful and important, by ditching cars and moving to forms of mass transit, such as rail.

Mass transit is a sustainable option. Although traveling long distances on a regular basis is generally considered to be a poor choice for the environment—at least for the time being while energy is not completely renewable and in abundance—traveling by mass transit is a better choice for sustainable travel.

Train travel is a better choice for sustainability than air travel. It is sad to see Plattsburgh investing so heavily in air travel. Airplanes emit climate change-causing gases directly into the atmosphere where they are the most potent. Usually, these gases have an opportunity to dissipate when emitted at or near ground level. But this is not the case with air travel. Of course, there is a strong possibility that air travel will transition to electric. But for the time being Plattsburgh has the choice to take a stand against this form of transit. Instead, let’s invest money where it’s not only going to be a great investment—the same or better than air or by road—but at the same send a strong message about what’s important to our community: clean water, clean air, reducing noise and light pollution by reducing car travel, safe modes of transit.

Rail passenger service between Plattsburgh and Burlington would also reduce vehicle emissions. This is especially important as reducing emissions near a water body would be beneficial to all of the people, animals, and plants which rely on clean water to exist.

Any thoughts? Let’s here ’em! 🙂