CVV Raffle Tickets – On Sale Now!

Hey people, Want to join a raffle? If so, the Champlain Valley Voices choir is holding one this Spring, 2018! Feel free to contact FLBS ( for more details. A few of FLBS’s members are part of the CVV choir. In support of the choir, CVV members are selling raffle tickets. According to CVV’s website, CVV is “dedicated to presenting a varied concert season, with major choral-orchestral works, as well as concerts of a more popular nature using professional accompanying musicians drawn from places like New York City and many surrounding areas.” More details on CVV may be found via their website ( And to be certain, payment via cryptocurrency is accepted! (BTC, ETH, and LC.)

What Raffle Tickets?
Each adult member was asked to sell 20 tickets at $5 each to help to support our ambitious and inspirational programming this year, especially the December performance of The Messiah which received accolades throughout our community.

How Does The Raffle Work?
You sell a ticket, write the purchaser’s name, address, and phone number on the stub, and return the stubs and money to me.
In April, based on the evening NYS Lottery Pick 3 drawing, the person whose ticket number matches the three numbers wins money–$25 Mon-Sat and $50 on Sundays! I mail the person a check.

How Much Money Does CVV Earn?
If all tickets are sold, CVV stands to earn over $4000 dollars!

When Are The Money And Stubs Due?
The Raffle is designed to use April 2018’s NYS Lottery numbers.